Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Foliage in Pa

Well, we made it back home safe and sound from a great trip up north. We had a blast, but let me tell you that the weather was COLD!!! We had a great time of sitting by the fire,eating, going to see the elk, eating, playing games, hiking, did I mention eating?! LOL!!! I think this was the coldest weekends we have ever been up there and we have been going since 2002. We love it at Parker Dam, and it has become a great tradition with our family. The colors are just gorgeous right now, they are a little ahead of us, as we are just starting to see some great color changes here. The only complaint is that we never want to come home. Being there is like taking a step back in time, kind of roughing it, and not having too much to really worry about while there. Who would want to come home from that right?! :)

There were lots of leaf piles made to jump into....and even though it was terribly cold and windy, we played a few games of Bocce Ball!

Here we are at one of the lookouts for the elk viewing, but the best elk viewing is done alongside the road, where they just meander up in to yards and fields taking everything in....they are such big, beautiful creatures!

But, needless to say....we are back to reality....and boy has that reality set in! Bob has so much pottery to do and make for this upcoming show on Saturday, and we need to get a supply to Patti and Tim at the Brickhouse too! The Christmas holiday is fast approaching and we are trying to get a lot done and made ahead of time, but we'll see how that goes. I can't even believe I am mentioning Christmas, but after being up there this weekend, and stopping at 2 little stores on the way home, it sure makes it feel like it is fast approaching. Lots to do...lots to do.


  1. Beautiful fall photos! We had early snow and freezes, our fall colors didn't get to show well this season.

  2. What a wonderfully fun time you all had. The scenery is just beautiful.

  3. Your pictures are awesome. Were you near Benezette? The Elk look~out looks familar??? I wish you tons of Sales for your show on Saturday. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful Fall weather we are having this week..enjoy your break from to ya soon!

  4. Enjoyed viewing your photos of your trip up north - the scenery is just gorgeous!!
    I wanted to tell you that Bob and your pottery are just wonderful!! I noticed in your side bar that you are willing to trade or barter - I may not have anything that you are interested in - but if I do - please contact me. You can check out some of my items on ArtFire -


    The Krazy Kraft Lady Blog

  5. Hi Tarrah,
    Yes, the trees are really turning here in Western Pa. on my way home today I was wondering if this was the peak, I don't know I must of missed it on the news")

    Love the pottery, your DH does beautiful work!
    Have a great Friday evening:)