Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Craft Show and Some New Pottery

First off, let me shout out to you all: HAPPY FALL!!!! The season has officially arrived! Yeah!!! Now, onto new business....Thought I would post pictures of some of Bob's newest pottery pieces....I only got pictures of the white, we have more new colors, but never got the chance to get a snapshot of them here, they went straight into the packed boxes and on the road with us to the show.

Here is some of Bob's pottery at the craft fair this past Saturday. We had a beautiful day for it and we were busy...which is great! The pottery and even my pumpkins were a hit!

Hope you all are having a great week!


  1. Beautiful pieces, Tarrah! Love them

  2. Oh girl...you know I absolutely LOVE his pottery!...We must work out a swap soon!...What color is the top that is dripping down?...it looks green on one picture..then brown on another with my computer...but, you know all computers show color differently!

    I am drooling over his work!

  3. Love it all, really loving the tart warmer!!
    great pieces!

  4. Char said the pottery was so beautiful so I had to pop on over for a visit! It's wonderful so many pieces of great pottery what a treat for the eye!!!
    You are one busy lady too, love the little wax fillers and the rugs!
    Hope you are having a wonderful fall day!

  5. So can I put in my order here? I would like one of everything, and a tea pot!

  6. Beautiful work! I really love the white with taupe....very striking and would go with almost everything.

  7. I love the pitcher and bowls...oh I love it all! Beautiful pieces!