Thursday, September 17, 2009

Workin' with wax....pumpkins and santas!

I am working on some goodies for the Hegins craft fair that Bob and I are heading to on Saturday. He has been crazy busy, going on very little sleep, trying to get pottery made and I have been working on some primitive bowl fillers of wax pumpkins and santas for the show as well. These are so great and easy to make....very simple with great results! All you need is some wax, I prefer beeswax, and a mold to pour the melted wax into. I use the dark beeswax and then I add scented oil to the wax once it is melted to make it smell yummy, pour it into the mold and then wait for it to dry. Once it is dry,pop it out of the mold, and I rub cinnamon on them to make them look more primitive and old. Adds a great homey scent to the already scented piece as well.

I hope it is a nice day for the show, and I sure hope sales are great too! :) I will post pictures of the pottery...when we have a lot done and ready!


  1. your wax items are wonderful~i have some molds, but haven't started anything yet~hope mine turn out as well as yours!

  2. Tarrah, I love those!!! WOW WOW WOW!
    Good luck at the Fair...and what every you have left over (if you do) send it on down to the Brickhouse! Miss talking with ya..stop by sometime soon!

  3. I love those Santas ~ could you please tell me where you got your molds. I've been looking everywhere for Vintage Santa.
    thanks ~

  4. Pumpkins and Santas look fantastic, can't wait to try my own. Good Luck tomorrow, I hope to get there!

  5. I just LOVE those pumpkins...and those Santas! Sure hope you have a beautiful day and LOTS of sales! ~~Annie

  6. These turned out great and the detail is beautiful.
    I bet the aroma is even better.


  7. Tarrah they are awesome! I bet as much as the mess ;-) But seriously thinking of you making them with all those smells mmmmmm :-) The pumpkins are absolutely adorable! Hope yesterday went well!