Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Trip to St. Michaels, Md

This past weekend my family got to escape for a few days and went to St. Michaels, Maryland. It was a short, but nice trip. The weather wasn't the greatest for the main day that we were there. There was lots of rain, which was much needed, but not when we wanted to sit and watch the boats come in and dock.

The town is chock full of cute little homes and cottages like these

The view isn't bad either (but again, the weather wasn't cooperating)

The food is just so-so.... ;)

And NO, that is not a full pitcher of beer...it's soda!

Look at that beautiful blue crab!

Gracie was being taught by Nana Diane how to properly get the meat out of the crab, and Maddie wanted in on the picture! :)

And oh yes, this place wasn't cheap for us 7 to eat there....YIKES!

I found a few treasures:

This is my type of purse...an old canvas bag with leather belt straps. This came from a very cool vintage/french country shop in downtown St. Michaels.

A beautiful pewter piece picked up at a flea market for only a few $....YEAH!

And 2 round butter presses to add to my collection that we got a great deal on at the same flea market!
It was a great trip!


  1. Looks like you all had a grand time and found treasures as well.

  2. Love the houses..cute! REALLY love the canvas bag..MY type of purse, too and YOu DIDN'T get me one! (sigh). Love your other finds. This has been quite a summer of antiquing for you.

  3. lucky you!! i haven't been to St. Michael's in years. my mother loves that little town. denise