Friday, July 2, 2010

The Best Car Hop and Some Very Prim Pictures!

Yesterday, we headed out on the open road on yet another little antiquing trip! This time my husband suggested us visiting some small antique shops that we have never been to, and then treating us to my favorite summer restaurant: The Fence! It was the most beautiful, perfect day. It was actually cool with a temperature of around 68 a little before noon.
I never ever pass up a chance to go antiquing, or a trip to The Fence. I love the simplicity of this restaurant and the nostalgia that is there. My grandparents use to go here, and then my parents, which they still go a lot during the summer, and I've been eating at The Fence since I can remember. It's a cute little car hop with picnic tables galore, 50's music playing constantly and the view of the beautiful Susquehanna river right at your side. It is just awesome! If you are in the Lewisburg, Pa area you must try it! Take a look....

*At night, it is all lit up with those big yellow lights.

*Boaters can pull right up in and eat! And the geese are usually out and walking around, but not today.

The menu is simple and they are best known for their fish sandwhich with their very yummmy, secret recipe tartar sauce......yuuuummmmmmmm!!!! :) The french fries are oh so good too!

We then headed to Milton to 2 stores that I couldn't wait to check out....and wouldn't you know it, the one store that I wanted to go to most of all was closed AGAIN! But, I quick snapped a picture of it as we were leaving.

I did manage to find a couple little things while shopping in Lewisburg. Loved this nice old quilt even though it is a little tattered and torn but no one will see it! ;)

Found another crock and a blue banded bowl at a great price....I just noticed that everything is blue!?

* I also picked up some of these great prim notecards...

*Here they are seperately.....

Aren't they fabulous pictures? Wishing I had some displays like that!!!!

Well friends....I hope you each have a wonderful 4th of July Holiday! Stay safe! Tarrah


  1. OK....Enough of this talk about THE FENCE...Now Tim and I ARE going to go..yummo that fish sandwich looks so good.
    WOW you sure got some awesome treasures. Love the crocks and may be your color right now..mine is Green..GREEN WITH ENVY!!! Here's the the Fall when your antiquing buddy goes back to work..I am going to be your antiquing buddy and you are going to take me to your antique places...Ok Missy? :) I hope you and your family have a wonderful to ya soon!

  2. Tarrah I have never heard of the fence and I've been to Lewisburg a few times. Gonna head there next time. What was the name of the store that was closed? I live in Avis and am always up for new ventures. Loved all your photos. Have you been to the Street of Shops, I haven't YET!!!
    hugs Theresa

  3. Wonderful finds!! Have an enjoyable 4th.


  4. Hi Tarrah....don't you just love those kinds of days? Oh how fun it sounded...and your 'finds' are wonderful. I see you were drawn to Maybe it was the aproaching 4th holiday prompted the love of the color...but no matter....all great items.

    The restaurant sounds wonderful and I must get there. We come out that way often so I'll make it happen.

    Hugs, Karen