Friday, August 21, 2009

Punch Needle Patterns and New Finds!

Ok, so I currently have 2 punchneedle pieces going. I ran out of thread on my first one and then started the other one awhile. Yeah...the pumpkin is missing part of his face....I only needed a little more orange, and of course I ran out right at the end! I want to finish them both quickly, so I can move onto my other craft projects! These patterns are from designed by Shawn Williams. I just love these patterns, and I am using the regular DMC Embroidery Floss that Shawn suggested. I love the hand dyed threads, but they can be quite costly when you are doing a large piece, which both of these are. I think you can get almost the same look using varigated colors of thread for the same area.
So here is what they should look like when they are finished, which should be real soon....I got more thread today! :)

Now, onto my little finds of the day:
First is this great ABC gameboard I got to sit in my new bowl rack. This piece I got for $14, I thought that the price was pretty good!

I also found this cute little witch broom. Got this for less than $6! Looks so cute and primitive...I think I will either hang this or lean it up against the wall at our door. That way when those girlie guests are ready to leave our house, I can offer them their ride! :)

I wanted to also show you this cute little pumpkin nodder that I got at Patti's Brickhouse Craft Shop a couple weeks ago. I had him put away until this week when I started digging out my fall and Halloween things. I wish I could give credit to who makes these for her, but I don't know who it is. He's a cutie!

I will post more of my great fall and Halloween finds next week! Have a great weekend!


  1. Tarrah, Love the needlepunch..especially the sheep. AND you found some great goodies today..when I come and visit can I take a spin on the broom? :)
    The pumpkin nodder was made by a great crafter, Beryl Ivey...she is one of our new crafters here at the Brickhouse and we are SO happy to have her creations in our Shop..pumpkin looks good in your house! Your blog is looking great and I love coming here and reading and seeing what you are busy creating...! (was nice seeing you today...!!)

  2. Your punchneedles are looking GREAT! I need to purchase one, I just don't know which one I like better. I might be coming over to shop this week, need some of that white pottery too. I like you finds, where did you find them, did you get to the carpetbagger?

  3. I love both of your punchneedle designs. I have done a few simple ones but now I need to do something a bit more detailed and bigger too!