Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fresh Eggs For Sale!

We had something very exciting happen at the Miller house here husband found our very first chicken egg out in the chicken house! It was very eggggg-citing considering we weren't expecting eggs from our chickens for another month! We have 14 Rhode Island Reds, and 2 of them are SUPPOSED to be roosters, with the other 12 being hens...but I still can't tell if we have any roosters. They still pretty much look the same?! Well my husband exclaimed when he walked through the door holding up this tiny egg, "well, we know we have atleast 1 hen"! It of course was quite small, but we didn't care! So here it is....the picture got quite blurry because it was so small. The second picture is of my son, Indiana, holding the egg! Isn't he a cutie?

Here are some of my crazy chickens! Whenever we go out to see them and feed them they just gravitate towards you...they love the attention and cluck like crazy at you!

This is our pottery shed and chicken house! The upper half with the old barn door is the side of the pottery shed and the lower half with the fence beside it is the chicken's side...their chicken house!

So now I bet you are wondering what we did with that very first egg?! Well, I will show you.....

Yep, it was hardly a meal for anyone but I fried it up and we each had a small bite of it, and it was the best egg ever! :) We later found another egg yesterday and can you believe that we got 3 more today??!!! So we soon will be in the egg business too!!!! LOL!!!


  1. Great photos Tarrah, your shed looks so nice, like it is right out of a magazine, so picturesque. I can't believe how those chicks grew. Seth is jealous of your eggs! he is so excited to get chickens, it's just not time for us yet.

  2. HOW cool! NEXT year I am gettin' me some chickens!! That is so neat...How exciting for the kids! DID you know that the kids could probably have their eggs in the Gratz Fair for judging..or even a chicken or two! AND I agree with Amy about your shed.

  3. Tarrah!! We got our first egg from our chickies on Aug. 24! LOL! Thought that was a neat coincidence... and from Rhode Island Reds too, no less! Congratulations from one grand-chick to another ;-)