Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An End of Summer

The evenings are starting to change here in Pa. I can slowly tell that it is getting darker a little bit earlier more and more. I guess summer has pretty much come to an end for my family. My children start school this coming Monday, and I already started back at nursing school yesterday. So unfortunately, I will have very little free time left to work on my many crafts, but I will still try to do some small things that I have here, just to keep my sanity! :)
My next post is going to be about my favorite type of material, and how I use that material........visit soon! :)


  1. Tarrah, I have been thinking of you..hoping your first day back at school was a good one...I noticed too how the shadows are these days and how the days are getting IS starting to look and feel like favorite and my favorite season! I LOVE the new Pottery that you sent with Tim...It looks so nice..I put some of our hydrangeas in some of the pieces and it looks so nice..tell Bob he is doing a great job..he can never retire! The Brickhouse customers love his pottery. Take to ya soon.

  2. Yep...fall is just around the corner! Always a bittersweet time for me for I so enjoy the summer but I LOVE the fall and all it brings! My son starts back a week from tomorrow, so it's winding down here, too! Can't wait to see your favorite type of material! ~~Annie