Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Penny Rugs

One of my favorite crafts to make are penny rugs. I never knew that they existed until after I saw this really neat wall hanging in a plow and hearth magazine. I didn't know what it was, but I knew that I could make it somehow...after I read the description, I then googled penny rugs and did some research and realized what new world I just opened up for myself. I called up one of my BFF's, Amy, and told her about it and she became quickly interested in it as well....so we got to talking, and worked out how this new found craft would be done. This is it, pictured above.
A few years have past, and the world of penny rugs has certainly grown, but I still have a love for penny rugs that not necessarily have a picture, but more of a design. Here are some of my first ones.... I hope you enjoy them....the latest ones are soon to follow! Take Care, Tarrah

This is the second one I made...I loved the style of the first one so much that I decided to make this for in my little guy's room.

This is hanging in our front entrance of our house. Its a quilt star pattern.

I made this one not too long ago for on top of our table, but I move it around quite a lot, depending on where I need it!

Stay tuned for more...I decided to get a little crazy on the size with the latest one I made!


  1. Hi Tarrah...your penny rugs are beautiful...lots of work and creativity in them! We were at Knoebel's Grove on Sunday too - I haven't been back since my kids were small and it has really changed..FOR THE BETTER unlike most places you revisit. It is the perfect place for families. It is a 2 plus hour drive from our home - but a nice drive up Route 61 !! The grandchildren had a wonderful time and so did the grandparents..!! LOVE YOUR POTTERY TOO !!!

  2. I really like your penny rugs Tarrah! I'll be looking forward to seeing your next one. I love penny rugs, I'm always "going in circles"!