Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Monday Morning! Hope you guys out there reading this today had a great and festive filled weekend. I personally am glad it is Monday....our weekends are always crazy~ and this past one was certainly that! I have so much to do yet, but I am trying to enjoy the season as much as I can, and trying to not hurry about too much! ;)

Thought I would go into a little more detail about our open house, like I promised 2 posts back....The pictures were all just kinda thrown up there and thought I would write about a few of them here and there, so you could see everything a little more clearly.

I LOVE stockings and all different kinds of them. I hang them up everywhere in my home- on doors, on mantles, on the walls- they are just so fun and certainly add Christmas to any I made a few different varieties of stockings for our open house.

* These were made from a vintage bed spread and pillow shams.....awesome texture and the simplicity of white with a mossy green pom pom tassle trim.

* These were made from some Family Heirloom Weaver textiles....a really festive red, poinsettia print in these....Very prim!

Next off, I also love penny rugs and stitcheries, and I found some time to make a few of the candle mats~which I only have 2 left,and a very large runner that got snatched up for a good home.....sad to see that one leave!

Also made this adorable little guy which got snatched up before it was even completely done! They spied it from my counter top~need to make more of these! :)

Now, next off I did a small vintage corner where I had some old wire locker style baskets, some old blue ticking stripe pillows, some paper and felt penntnts, a very large wreath that I made and will always be one of my favorite wreaths EVER, and a few other neat odds and ends. I just loved the way this turned out.

A view of the wreath up close:

Now, all of our items were handmade; and about 90% of it was made between my husband and I. We truely enjoy making things and using our creativity, and everyone tells us what a great team we make. :) So, for the few items that we didn't make I did order out and

* Family Heirloom Weavers textiles made right here in Pennsylvania!

* The best prim greeting cards ever~ I love each and every picture so much and want to just frame them all!

* The oh so yummiest cookie tarts that look good enough to eat! A yummy variety to burn all winter long.

* Also the yummiest, all natural soaps with our soap trays. These sold like hot cakes and I was sold out of them before the first day was even through.....need more trays for some Christmas gifts! ;)

Well, that is where I will end for todays post....lots more exciting things to share for next time. Enjoy your day friends!


  1. Hi there!
    Love the snowman mats....and your pottery.....fab! How can I purchase?

    Merry Christmas!!!!

  2. Your soap dishes are really nice Tarrah! And how did I miss the cards and those jar of treats! Did you have those out on Friday??? I don't remember even seeing those! Gosh.... I really can be blind sometimes!

    Merry Christmas!!!