Monday, January 16, 2012

A weekend of fun...

The weekend that I thought I would get a ton of things done, is gone and over. I am still sitting here with the same pile of laundry, plus more added to the pile, and the same dirty floors that need swept and mopped, amongst many other areas of the house that have been deprived.

BUT, there are some stacks of crafty things that have had attention and effort put into it.

Remember the easy peasy hint I gave you?

Making these?

Well, YES, I made some beautiful homemade envelopes for my new Dave Ramsey endeavor....but I couldn't use my Martha Stewart templates (shown above). I wanted a plain old "normal" sized envelope....perfect for putting dollar bills into.

Oh, did I have fun making these......
unfold an envelope, trace it out onto fun scrapbooking paper, or whatever paper you have laying around, and then cut it out and glue up the sides.

I love how they turned out!

Who wouldn't want to put cold, hard cash into these things?! I will just make small labels yet to organize them into the categories, and they are finished!

I even made 1 for each of the kiddos, for their "saving for a rainy day" envelope!

They love them too!

So, with the beginning of my Financial Peace teachings from DR,and just to keep it real....a resolution of mine is to NOT use credit for the year 2012!

I can't go completely without plastic, since my debit card is plastic and that is where my money is drawn out of. BUT, I am striving for no credit card usage in 2012!

Anyone out there with me?

And, here is another sneak peek at what I will be sharing with you soon. My first assignment with Creatively Made......

Making handmade journals!
I love this!

I will share lots more info soon!

Oh, and I almost forgot the best thing about the weekend......spending time with my family while thrifting! Yes! I love antique,thrift, flea marketing so much, and it's even better when the fam is along....
Take a gander at a big score I found this weekend....


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  1. Sometimes the pile of work has to be put on the back burner to take time to do the things you love. I am so happy you got the wonderful envelopes done. I love them:) Your boots are wonderful. The leather is so pretty. Glad you got to spend time with your family. -Steph-