Monday, January 23, 2012

Snow! And A Mini Wreath of Buttons!

This weekend was our first snow filled weekend! We woke up to approx 6" of snow on Saturday morning and we were all excited for it! It was absolutely beautiful!

Koda loved it too!

The old buckboard, looking its finest with a fresh coating of snow...

And since the kids were out playing, and while watching the football game, I decided to craft.....hmmmm, how about I make a mini wreath using some of those vintage white buttons I showed on here last week.

I love how it turned to make more, and I'm thinking large scale! ;)

Did you craft this weekend? If so, what?


  1. Beautiful photos! Koda is adorable!
    Your button wreath turned out Beautiful!

  2. Very pretty snow pics. The wreath looks like fun to make. Great idea. Blessings ~Sara

  3. What a great surprise. Everyghing looks so fresh and beautiful. I love the wreath. -Steph-