Sunday, January 29, 2012

One more man...

In the past week there has been 1 extra man living at my house!


Yes, it's true... one more man bossing me around in MY house.


He is very strict and very firm on his beliefs in ONE certain area.


Wanna guess who HE is?

Yep, it's HIM!

Ok, so he isn't really living in my house...but his presence is certainly felt around here lately!!!

I'm grateful that he is here, on top of my nauseated feeling when thinking about budgets, I actually have a bigger sense of peace and believe it or not an excited feeling about being in control of my money.

It's in the beginning stages of the works, but my husband and I both feel better about what we are doing and how we control our money, instead of our money controling us.

Are you a Dave Ramsey student? If so , I would love to hear any tips, testimonies, or helpful ideas you have found along the way.


  1. Hi I'm a long time follower of Dave Ramsey. Bought his book about 6 years ago and my husband and I attended the Financial Peace courses. It really works! I was not a big fan of the money envelopes, but we did the snowball and were able to pay off about $33,000 in two and half years. Now all we owe is our house! As Dave would say "Way Cool'!


  2. We did FPU at home a few years ago. Loved it, but we never got started. There were some demons at play in our lives then and in the past month my husband has slayed them, so my prayer is that we can start our snowball as we have our $1000 emergency fund. I'm proud of my husband for what he has done and can't wait to see what 2012 brings! Good luck rolling that snowball!

  3. Pat- that is AMAZING! So glad to hear that and wow, what a great feeling you and your husband must have! AWESOME!

    Michelle- glad to hear that you and your husband are working at that snowball too. Good for you guys for working forward at that next step. How about we encourage each other along the way! :)

    Thank you ladies for sharing!

  4. Tarrah, That is awesome. MY dh and I went through fpu two yrs ago. Has totallly changed us. We are litterally a few months away from being debt free (except for house). I see you have pretty envelopes too. That's the only way to do it. Keep looking toward the end result, because it can be dauntin at times.