Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bunting or Home Run

This is a different post today....one that I hope will have you thinking, and aiming towards something you have been wanting to do....we all have dreams, hopes, wishes for ourselves. It is not necessarily about bigger and better, although everyone can strive to do better and live better. But, if your like me, always thinking and dreaming of that next move to make towards a goal or dream, then we must keep asking ourselves....what are we waiting for?

As we all know, time keeps moving, whether we want it to or not. And if we keep making excuses or are too afraid to jump towards the next move, somebody will jump right past us, and we'll be stuck wishing we would have jumped too.

This quote keeps coming to mind since I first read it last week....

Don't Bunt. Aim for Out of the Ballpark.

Hmmmm.....aim for out of the ballpark.....it may not always be a homerun, but what good is a bunt for me? We may advance someone else, but we're almost always guaranteed to be out.

I am aiming, I am striving towards the next jump.

Are you?

Get on up out of that comfy chair, and start aiming for out of the ballpark.

my little man, who is always aiming for out of the ballpark. :)

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