Friday, June 10, 2011

Well, I've been tweaking....just like I thought I would be. Unfortunately this post will be a little boring since I'm showing cabinet pictures again....but I was just so inspired to keep moving things around and bring in some fresh flowers, I had to show you my progress.

I also need to thank you all for your very sweet comments on the cupboard. I'm glad you like her as much as I do....She feels important now! :)

Doesn't this bunch of mint look beautiful? They'll be plenty of mint tea made from this......

My whole house smells so fresh and minty!

Have a beautiful weekend!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Tarrah!

    I like your cupboard too - - Nice work on it! My next door neighbor has mint growing like crazy at her place (particularly spearmint). Love the smell of it when out doing the yard work! I haven't tried it in our tea yet. Pretty good stuff, huh? We love our iced tea! (:

    What do you guys charge for your candle stick holders and soap dispensers? Is there a particular link that shows your pricing for your pottery? I just love it . . . but I have an appreciation for handmades anyway. (:
    Hope you guys are having a fun summer!