Saturday, June 25, 2011

Pottery Giveaway!

Hi Friends....boy, has it been awhile!!

I have been busy with lots of fun and exciting things that just wrapped up yesterday... I will share those stories in due time, but I finally had a morning all to myself and thought I would finally get the word out about the APP giveaway! Have you heard about it?

If you like our pottery, especially our Rusted Barn color, you want to head on over to A Primitive Place Magazine blog RIGHT AWAY! You can enter to win this piece right here

You must leave a comment there on that blog and then keep your fingers crossed that you'll be the lucky recipient of our Angled Pitcher.

We are so excited to be partnered up with APP for this giveaway....thanks to Linda and Kristine who made it happen and to all of you of course for your patronage. We love you guys!

Ok, now whoever does win this piece, I sure would love to see a picture of it being used in your's so exciting to see where our pottery goes! :)
The drawing does end on Monday evening, June 27th at 9 pm, so hurry over and leave your comment!


  1. THANK YOU Tarrah and your dear hubby for this wonderful piece of pottery! Someone is going to win a real treasure! Hugs!!