Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Cupboards New Home!

Finally! Yes, finally, we moved the kitchen cupboard to it's very own spot and she is all cleaned up and ready to show you her stuff.

When I say cleaned up though, I mean she was scrubbed, swept, scrubbed again and then given a little touch up job to her back side. I wouldn't dare change the paint on her....she has great patina, and I just love her original color.

I've done nothing major to alter her appearance.

So, let's start at the beginning. First off she had a bit of a musty smell. Well, between me burning some amazing tarts in my tart burner and placing them inside of her, well the odor started to really dissipate.

Next, we scrubbed her down. I used lots and I mean LOTS of hot water with murphy's oil soap, and LOTS of elbow grease.

Then, we tore off her very bad back side....a flimsy chipboard/cardboard type piece. That honestly was the piece that was giving her the smell...once that was gone, that gave her a whole new attitude! :)

I then bought a 4' x 8' sheet of beadboard (wainscoting), painted it a lovely shade of light khaki, and then my husband attached it to her backside.

I was so happy....she was finally ready to be moved! But, of course timing was everything....we had to do a lot of other work just to get her moved over to her new spot....

she was going here, so that meant moving EVERY.SINGLE.THING. IN THIS CHINA CLOSET.

Dishes everywhere!!!

After working hours and hours at that, we finally had her spot empty.

Now, it's Super Man and Wonder Woman time....yep, just me and my husband had to lift that very cubersome china closet TO ANOTHER FLOOR, AND MOVE A 9 FOOT CUPBOARD ACROSS THE ROOM. We did it, but now I'm pretty sure I need chiropractic attention! :/

Of course I had things ready to put in...but I've changed it up a bit since these snapshots taken last evening. :)

Excuse the lighting....I was just too excited, I had to get pictures of her immediately...

I can see it now...I'll be re-arranging her daily. Does she fit her new spot? Whatda ya think?


  1. Tarrah, Love the cupboard. I think it looks great where you have it. Have fun playing with your displays inside. You have a great piece of furniture. Enjoy!

  2. Love that cupboard! All of your hard work (and hubby) has paid off and you should be proud of her ;)
    Have fun rearranging your pretties!

  3. WOW!!!! Love it Tarrah! It looks perfect in your home!

  4. Oh my goodness, in love with your new cabinet, looks great there. Know what you mean, when I buy something new, it means total rearranging a space, lots of mess, but worth it. I can't pass up a neat cabinet, have them everywhere in my house. Thanks for sharing your new cabinet with us, just awesome. Vicky

  5. What a fabulous piece! She does look wonderful standing there. You've dolled her up beautifully, Tarrah! Her color stands out against the wooden walls. Great makeover :)
    Becky C

  6. Love ,love that cupboard ! It looks as if it were made for that spot. Enjoy making new displays !Hugs,Jen

  7. Love the cupboard!! It's prim perfect.

    Have a wonderful day~Becky

  8. The only way I could love this cupboard more was if it were in MY house! it is SO NEAT

    Elisha at Grown By Grace blogspot

  9. What a fabulous transformation. I just gave you the stylish blogger award and I am a new follower. Here is the link http://cedarhillranch.blogspot.com/2011/06/aww-shucks-you-shouldnt-have.html