Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Pottery!

Hi friends! Is everyone staying warm? I hear that sunny skies and warmer temps are headed our way for the weekend. :)

I wanted to share some very exciting new pieces of pottery with you that just came out of the kiln this week. The first one is an 8 lb crock done in a shiny Robin's Egg. It is such a nice size! My husband threw this and we watched it and babied it and gave it lots of TLC. We gave it plenty of time to allow it to dry perfectly....AND it did......

So, are you ready to see it?

We were very excited for the way it turned out...this was his largest piece that he ever threw..

After he made this one, he threw an even larger one and we are giving that one the same loving, we'll have to wait and see.

He also wanted to try out some new shapes for some pitchers...again in a shiny Robin's Egg.

I can't wait to run out and get some white tulips for this piece!

And now, to make a whole bunch of these in lots of colors!


  1. I love the big blue crock, it did turn out really nice. White tulips would look just breath taking in that blue pitcher. I just love blue lately, guess it reminds me of spring. Vicky

  2. Wow! I Love this blue crock. The color is beautiful.....

  3. Oooohh - - Gorgeous!!

  4. These new pieces are beautiful! You both should be very proud of them indeed. I love seeing what you folks come up with-one day I hope to own a piece or two!!!

  5. Tarrah I LOVE all the new pieces!! I would truly be happy if I could have one of each piece that you doesn't' hurt to dream!!! :)