Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Awesome Swap!

As promised, I wanted to show you some of the wonderful goodies I got from a new blogging friend. Many of you know her from over at APP as the Hospitality Coordinator....yep, it's Dana! :)
Dana is such a friendly person and she makes tons of great smelling bowl fillers, pantry cakes, candle tarts, gingerbread men, and many other things. You really must check out her blog HERE, and then from there, hop on over and check out her selling blog HERE!

So this is what I was greeted with when I opened up the box. Oodles of little, perfectly bubble wrapped packages!

This was the next layer.....there were just more, and more, and more of them!

Here it all is....look at all these prim pieces! I was in awe of what she sent me! And let me tell ya....they all have THE MOST WONDERFUL SCENT TO THEM!

Look at these adorable gingerbreads! I didn't want to take anything out of their individualized packages, they are just too nice!

These are her lavender tarts! I LOVE THESE!!!! They smell so yummy! I think I will hold onto these and display them in the spring, when I am ready to brighten things up!

As well as this cute little spring lamb!

The most adorable little "BALL" mason jars!

'Wooden' measuring spoons!

Some fall corn, pumpkins, and leaves.....

She sent me even more that aren't pictured, but I will show you some of those when I display them at Christmas. Thanks again Dana! I am really thankful for our new found friendship as well. And let me just add that my 2 favorite scents are "country store" and "olde hearth".

Now, I have one more thing to show you....this is a very sweet gift that my middle child "purchased" for me by using her very own Awana dollars at church. She knows how much I love candles and how much I love salt glazed pottery too. Take a look at one of the things she purchased and brought home to me. It was such a cute gift from her!

I was very surprised that they even had those cute little gifts there at the store!
Well friends, have a great week!


  1. Wonderful swap goodies!!..Dana is always very generous along with making the best things!!And what a sweet gift for mama!You're blessed!!~~hugs,Jen

  2. WOW-Dana spoiled you good, didn't she?!! :) Love all the goodies she sent!!
    Love the little candle gift too, very special!
    Have a wonderful week, Tarrah!

  3. Tarrah this has been a fun swap!!! But most of all I'm so proud of the friendship we've formed you are so sweet and very funny! I'm so glad you was pleased with everything and I want you to burn some of them tarts!! Some people get them and they won't burn them and you can't really tell how they smell until they heat up good...then you get the full effect of the fragrance. I'm going to be making a blog post on the beautiful pottery you send me I adore it!!:) Be on the lookout for it. Thanks again Tarrah I can't wait until our next swap!!*wink* Hope you have a great week ahead!

    Fall Blessings,

  4. Thanks ladies....yes Jen, I am blessed as well as you my friend! :) You truely are an inspiration.
    And Dana goes above and beyond with special treats! :) I didn't even get to post the flicker candle pictures yet!!!!

  5. WONDERFUL goodies!! I just got my swap box from Dana as well! I LOVE everything! And it all smells SO yummy doesn't it!? She is such a sweet, giving and talented person. Enjoy everything Tarrah, I know you will! Can't wait to see the flicker candle pics! And what a special gift you received, those little candles and crocks are darling! The gifts from the heart are the best kind! Have a wonderful day! Take care. ~Sarah~

  6. Hi Tarrah!

    Wow! that was an awesome swap with Dana! She is just such a sweetheart!

    UMMMMMM.....I think I can smell those goodies from here! lol

    Can't wait to check out her post on the other end of the swap!

    Have a great day!

  7. What wonderful swap goodies from Dana! And such a sweet gift from your daughter. You were doubly blessed.

  8. OMGosh!!
    Amazing swap goodies!!!