Tuesday, August 17, 2010

More Tweaking

Well, I can tell the season will be changing soon because I am so anxious to start decorating for fall!!! I figured it was a bit too early to dig out my fall things, so instead I tweaked other areas that I just wasn't satisfied with. Plus I really like the new grouping of pewter on the mantle,so I decided to keep going!

Here is my old barnwood cabinet..

I like having my collection of pitchers in this piece because I think the old white barnwood really makes them stand out, but just didn't care for all the extra things that didn't seem to fit there.

So, here it is "tweaked"....

A collection of blues, yellows, and whites.

I also grouped my salt glazed pottery with this too.

Here is another little prim gathering that I played with....

So, are you "tweaking" today?

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