Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mantle Tweaking

So I found myself all inspired after scouring through all my latest decorating magazines, books, (and especially the new APP magazine......a big "Congratulations" to the APP staff on doing such a great job for their first issue)!

While looking around the house, trying to decide where to place some treasures that I didn't like at a certain spot, I decided to group my very small collection of pewter together. I had it all in a general area together, but it wasn't very noticeable, and like I have seen in all those pictures; pewter needs to be showcased!

And why not on my fireplace mantle? Besides, it was time for a change there....

I really like my natural flower arrangements there, but it did need a lift. So, I tried this....

And I must say that I think it will stay....

.....for awhile! ;)


  1. Love your pewter, Tarrah... and I love how you've displyed it...I also LOVE the stone work on the fireplace!

  2. Love the whole thing, the stone fireplace, the beautiful wood mantle, and what better place to put pewter than on the mantle! Great job. I have to admit that I'm a little jealous as I don't have a fireplace and would love one!

  3. Tarrah, beautiful mantle setting!! I love it all!! It looks great!!

  4. Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing with us!

  5. Tarrah, your mantle is beautiful, especially since you added the pewter to the florals already there!
    Have a wonderful day!