Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An End to Summer

Well, the summer is dwindling down and I can't help being excited. I am dreaming of cool days and even cooler nights; red, orange, and yellow colors coming alive in the mountains; and then all that lovely decor displayed in every colonial, primitive, country home.....Ahh....fall you will be welcomed here! :)

So, school will also be starting for us here on Monday and I will hopefully be able to finish those projects that just didn't seem to get touched during the busy summer schedule.
Like this one.....remeber me starting it?

Here is the slow progression....I am really excited about getting this done, hopefully soon.

When I finally do get it finished I will feature it on Woolie Wednesday, which will be coming back in September! :)

So, I have to ask...is anyone out there willing to admit that they have decorated for fall yet? I usually do it on the first day back to school, or the Tuesday after Labor Day.....I can't decide what I want to do, but usually I am just struck with the fall bug that much that I just get it out and do it! LOL!

Have a great week friends!


  1. I love your game board! When I am hooking autumn prints I like to have my fall rugs and decorations around me - even in august. Then again, I am an October Girl! SUE

  2. I love fall, but am a little sad because I don't want winter. I am getting antsy to decorate and will probably do so soon so as I really love fall decorations.

    I love you hooked gameboard, I haven't taken up hooking as I already have lots of $$ in my quilting and not sure if my budget could handle another expensive hobby, LOL.

  3. love your gameboard!!! i've got to learn how to hook. but i'm like the other Denise i can't afford another expensive hobby. i have too many and not enough time.LOL!!

  4. I love the hool rug you are making, it is going to be a BEAUTIFUL piece to have!!!!

    It is an expensive hobby but I say making it yourself instead of buying it done is priceless!!!!!! Also it is a GREAT HOBBY!!