Sunday, December 20, 2009

Need a "Rust" Recipe and Gingerbread Man Recipe and a Message from SANTA!

Happy 1st day of winter! It sure does feel like winter here in Pa with the nice blanket of snow covering everything. I'm hoping it will be a white Christmas this year!
I am in need of a few things from all you great bloggers out there. First off, I need a good gingerbread man bowl filler recipe. Not the edible kind, the kind that are nice and brown and remain fluffy...the ones that I see in all your great Christmas pictures that are displayed in a bowl with greens and cinnamon sticks filled with. Does anyone have a good recipe that they are willing to share?
I would love to make these yet with the kids this week. I was also looking for a rusting recipe that would help prim up two large tin pieces that I have. I need to make 'em look a little worn and weathered. I know there are some rusting methods out there, and I did a little searching, but was wondering if anyone had a good and easy mix that you use and it works pretty quickly and does a good job. If you do, could you please pass it on to would be greatly appreciated. I will share the finished pieces with you when I get them finished.
Now...since I have asked you all for some help, I have a GREAT link for you that allows you to personalize a message to whomever you wish, from the big man himself: Santa Claus! Let me tell you that it is pretty awesome and amazing. I set them up for my kids already and they are going to be getting their message from St. Nick via email tonight. They will love it! It is for any age and you can add a picture of the person so that when Santa opens his "naughty or nice" book, the picture is in the book with their name and what they are asking for this Christmas....too cute. Check it out:
Thanks Abby for the great tip! ;)
Ok, well on to all the things that need crossed off my list yet.....Tarrah


  1. Hi Tarrah,

    I just made some last weekend and they came out nicely. Smell so good when you walk by the tree or a spot where I have them sitting. I can email you the recipe if you like.

    Take Care,

  2. Hey me...and I will give you both recipes!