Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gumdrop Trees

A Christmas tradition for our kids is making gumdrop trees. The kids love it and it isn't quite as messy as gingerbread houses, plus they each love making their own tree. It is a fun and easy kids craft that will entertain them while you are busy getting other things done!
Here are all the supplies you need to make your own gumdrop trees;(plus toothpicks cut in half...they didn't make it in the picture!)

Here is Indiana and Madissen hard at work....I forgot to get a shot of Gracie working hard b/c the phone rang! ;)

And here are the finished products:

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  1. Very mother always made a gumdrop tree from a ceramic tree...instead of putting the lights in the openings, the opening was smaller for a tooth was so cleaver as are yours...great activity for kids!