Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas at the Cabin part 2

Christmas Greetings! I finally have a little free time to do some blogging and to finish out some more Christmas decorating pictures. Hope everyone is getting their shopping, baking, and wrapping done. Me, I am a little behind but since we will be snowed in today since most of the east coast is getting some major snow, I hope to get a lot done. What better way to start than by blogging with a nice fresh cup of hot coffee!
I have a kids craft project and another small project re-do to show you here in the next couple of stay tuned!
In the meantime,stay warm, and if your on my side of the coast from Virginia to New York....ENJOY THAT SNOW! :)

We did a lot of homemade things for our large Christmas tree. We strung lots and lots and lots of popcorn for this 11 foot tree (this is small compared to what I got other years!)

We also made some very yummy smelling applesauce cinnamon ornaments. They got so great!

You can see that snow falling!

My Mom made me this great pillow!

Afraid this is all the Christmas pictures I have....I wanted to get more but since this season has been crazy, I didn't even get all the decorating done that I wanted to.
Enjoy the weekend...its the last one before Christmas...doesn't that seem almost crazy?!


  1. love your beautiful home..and love the photo of the tree with the snow falling behind it..stay nice and cozy and enjoy...:)

  2. Your house is beautiful! It looks so warm and inviting..

    Stay warm and Merry Christmas to you and your family,