Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our little Valentine party.

Do small things with great Love
~Mother Teresa

I try to make the everyday events special, but on Valentine's Day, I made it even a little more special, just by making it a little more fun and pretty.

There were lots of candles....

and paper hearts with messages and for place cards

Remember those fortune cookies? They finally got to open one and read their sweet fortune.

There was lots of reds, pinks, and whites

and roses too!

Paper dictionary hearts, jazzed up and taped onto skewer sticks for the sweet cake.

Ohhhh, and the menu.....
Crab stuffed chicken breasts, wrapped in bacon.
Broiled Asparagus
Baked Potatoes
Warm, fresh Italian Bread
a little over the top, but soooo delish.

And for dessert....
mmmmmm hmmmmmm, sooo good.  :)

A sweet day, with my favorite sweets.


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