Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not quite wildberry

Just when you think you got it all together, good, and right...

you realize (or in this case, someone makes you realize) it isn't right....there is an error

a flaw...

That means, back to the beginning. A re-do.
Start over.

BUT, after the flaw is pointed out and analyzed. You figure out how to fix it, how to make it right.
Even though that means more work.

But then that flaw grows on you, you like it.  Scratch that.  YOU LOVE IT. It's not really a flaw at all!  It's pure loveliness, even though it isn't perfect to what it was designed to be like.

And so from there, it becomes a keeper.  A show stopper. One that others love too.  It's not a flaw at all, it's just not quite Wildberry.

This glaze needs a new name, since it isn't quite wildberry.  Help us name this glaze!  :)

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