Monday, September 26, 2011

Yet another project...

...what's one more right?

Well,as if my plate wasn't full enough, my husband and I found ourselves to be the new owners of this beauty. (bear with pics are HORRIBLE, b/c of a very messy garage backround).

What is it you ask? It is an 11' antique buckboard wagon....disassembled into 3 pieces! It is in need of some major love and attention...hence the extra project mentioned above.

We'll hopefully have it ready for Christmas display. HOPEFULLY! :)

One day we'll get the chance to relax and do nothing for awhile...right?!


  1. Awesome find ~ can't wait to see it all put together for the holidays!
    Being a creative person I don't think we ever get to sit back and relax ~ we always have something to do!!!
    Have a great week!
    Prim Blessings

  2. Oh Tarrah, I would so love to be busy working on that wonderfull wagon. That will be such a great prop for ALL kinds of decorating. Just had to stop by and tell you that it is such a great find!!! Can't wait to see how you display it. Relaxing...... what is that? *giggle*. Have a great week

  3. I love the wagon. I almost expected you to have adopted horses to go with it:) It will be perfect for a Christmas display. Good luck. -Steph-