Thursday, September 15, 2011


My heart is affectionate for burlap. Love the feel, the texture, the color, the smell of good burlap.

I also love making things out of that lovely, fraying material...and here are two pieces that got done just in time for the open house.

A simple FALL pennant...

Hope to make a few more burlap lovelies for the upcoming seasons....


  1. Oh Tarrah, that Fall pennant is just awesome! LOVE!!!

  2. loooooove it.....and love those just in time things, been there myself quite a few times!

  3. i just bought some burlap for our makeover farmhouse bath! my husband says our huge 90's mirror has to stay ... so Im trimming it out in a burlap valance to kinda frame it and make it more "cozy" . love your simple fall ideas here too! and i have EXTRA burlap! ") ! Elisha at Grown By Grace @