Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Patriot - New England Acorns!

Good Tuesday Friends! I hope you are enjoying the day wherever you are.

I just wanted to share with you some more of my favorite acorns.....

These are in good time for summer (that will be here in a jiffy) showing a pride in America......my Patriot Acorn Ornies.

Just love the red, white, and blue....in all shades!

And ya gotta love these little darlings.....

the New England batch of beauties....showing off all the glorious colors of a fall day in New England in golds, carmels, oatmeals, moss, and some barn red. And fall won't be far behind summer! (Well, we'll enjoy summer first!) :)

If you are interested in ordering acorns they sell for $2 each, or 13 for $24. Email me at miller5@epix.net
Have a great day!

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