Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Me. Today.

Enjoying life, and everyday adventures....that has become my mantra. Love the Life you Live, right? So Live it Well.

Tweaking/Decorating is almost a daily ritual for me now...why, I don't know.

Antiquing/Flea Marketing is my top hobby~next to crafting of course! ;)

Flowers are something that's found inside almost as much as outside at this point.

I am very much into architecture and textures.

I am inspired by something I see

I am finding that I am a mix between Tarrah Miller, Martha Stewart, Rachel Ashwell, and Donna Reed.

*Photos from Country Living, and Rachel Ashwell.

I am feeling inspired to do new things...where that will lead, who knows?

Tell me...who are you? I'm curious. :)


  1. Hello Tarrah, I've just started following your lovely blog! I'm Charlotte, waving to you from Devon, England. x

  2. Thank you so much !!! My Favorite Rachel's Kitchen!!! You flowers are beautiful !!

  3. Who am I? Every day is different. I'm inspired by things around me as well and they lead me to what I do next. You sound perfectly normal to me. :) Be whoever you need to be today and have a blast. :)


  4. Hi Tarrah!
    I so enjoy your blog!! So cozy... (: Love your style, and very much appreciate you and your husband's handiwork. Would love to have some of your pieces a little later down the road. I can almost smell your flowers through your photos! Well, just wanted to say hi ~ Have a great day!


  5. Thanks Tausha and Donna. And Donna, thank you for your words of wisdom, you'll be happy to know that I am going to take your advice! :)

  6. Mitzi~you made my day. Welcome and thank you for saying Hi! You might just get the chance to win a piece of our pottery....I'm conjuring up a giveaway soon! Stay tuned!

  7. Love the acorns, do you sell them? Found your blog, FB, via Patti @ The Brickhouse.

  8. Hi Ginny! Yes, I do sell my acorns. You can email me at if you are interested in buying some! Thanks!

  9. WOW!!!! You sure did surprise me today!! It was a wonderful surprise...I really enjoyed talking to you on the phone we've been online friends for a while now so it felt so good to finally be able to talk to you. This was such a pretty post I LOVE all of your flowers and of course the pottery you put them in!! :)