Friday, July 12, 2013


Not long ago, I started journaling on a daily basis. It was a friend or two who spoke of journaling and how much they loved it and loved looking back over the years past, of different things that had too soon been forgotten. When I started looking more into journals, I became swooned by how neat the books looked and felt and how "handmade" they were. There are many types/varieties and pretty much anything goes, when it comes down to jotting down your words or thoughts.
. It was the handmade ones that I really connected to with the embellishments, the everyday paper ephemera that really caught my eye with all it's textures, layers, and mixed media.
Then, I found another type of way to make journals. Using old,vingtage books. Something about the way they feel, smell, the worn edges of the covers, the faded color of the binding. Plus vintage books always look neat!
So, from there I found a few vintage books and began the process of making them into journals....journals for art, for words, for thoughts..... ....for memories.

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