Monday, October 22, 2012

Pallet Furniture!

I am finally posting about a small project my husband and I took on this summer. I needed a new table for our porch since ours had suddenly flipped upside down in a storm and smashed into thousands of pieces.
I had been wanting to make one for the longest time, but just wasn't completely sure on how to do that or what I wanted to make it from. One morning, I woke up and said ok, lets make it out of...PALLETS!
It took about 2 full days, and my husband did all the grunt work. I helped pick out the wood that I wanted for the table top. We lined up the pieces after we cut them down and stacked them out nicely to make sure we liked the look. Bob then started the frame and made it double duty tough. :)
I love the character that is shown within the boards, and the old nails that were used in the palets, so we kept those in the boards.
And this is our view.....
We come out here to enjoy a morning or evening coffee, where we sit and have dinner if weather permits, or we'll turn on Michael Buble' and enjoy a glass of wine watching the sun set.
Happy Monday Friends!


  1. Oh my gosh I love love love it... I have seen so many things made with pallets, I had dh bring home a few but we ended up using them for a compost pile bin... I am really now encouraged for him to bring home a couple more this spring and make a table for our back porch... Awesome job.... and I love your views by the way, Enjoy!!!

  2. It looks great Tarrah! You guys did a wonderful job!

  3. How did you get the pallets apart? My husband brought me four different pallets from different places, and we could not get them apart because they are all put together with those twisted nails. I really had my heart set on using the wood for some projects, so I would love some insight. Also, I am posting with an anonymous profile because I can't figure out how to do otherwise.
    Thank you,
    Nikki Maynard

    1. Nikki, you need to get a sawzall. It cuts right through the nails in seconds.