Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas coming fast.....

Christmas is coming at full speed and there is still so much to do,to make, to buy, to wrap, and I would like to enjoy the season if at all possible! Ha ha!....
There is so much I need to get ready and made and CLEANED just for this open house on Sunday....don't know if it will be well attended or not, but here's hoping and what gets done, gets done, and the rest will just have to wait, right?! :)
I just wanted to pop on here and say a quick hello.....I will post pictures very soon of all the new Holiday decor......

Monday, November 23, 2009

More New Pottery

Well, we are gearing up for the Holidays and stocking our supply of pottery back up for Patti's shop and for our big Indian Trail Pottery Christmas Open House. I am realizing how quickly time is passing and how much I have to do just to get the house in order for the open house, plus then there are the refreshments to think about and the decorating, and everything else seems to just pile on in with all of needless to say, I am getting a little anxious! :)
Wanted to share a few pictures of some of the new some awesome pieces and I could just keep them all! Some of my family members have already put their order in, so of course we have to keep up with those too ;), but I just couldn't resist showing you some of our new crocks.....again, these pictures do not do them justice....

I LOVE THESE!!!! These are great for your kitchen utensils, or to chill a bottle of wine, or whatever...they look fab just by themselves!
Here is a pitcher with a crock behind it......

Also, check out this set of nesting bowls that Bob made for a friend's wedding present! I told him that we better do quite a few more sets of these....they turned out gorgeous!

So, there you have it....a sneak peak at what will be available at our open house....again if any of you are in my area, please stop in...I would love to meet you. Time and date: Sunday, December 6th from 1-5 pm.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New pottery hot out of the kiln.....

yep, the pieces are nice and warm yet and I am lovin them! B did a great job with some new tart melters that are making their way down to Patti's shop....The Brickhouse Craft Shop. And I am still waiting on one for myself so I can start burning my new tarts that I received from Rondell over at Tomatoe Creek Prims....she sent me some great scents, so I am just waiting on that tart melter...wonder if Patti would mind if I took one from her inventory! ;)

again with the not so great picture....this should have been taken in the daylight, but since I rarely see the light of day anymore, I figured it was now or never~! :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

New "Old" Things

I was able to get a few small craft items made this week, including one that I was very excited about! I got the "how to" instructions from Char on The pickeled pepper patch. She is one awesome lady and always got great things to share......well she shared the tutorial on making the grungy know the silicone kind! I just love them, and I have lots of lights in my house, so I use them up kind of quick, and you know that can get quite costly if you are buying lots of those grungy silicone lights! Well, how great is that when you can make them on your own? I made some on Friday night and I am just thrilled with them....I added an awesome scent to mine and let me tell ya.....they smell DELICIOUS! They are so cool! Here they are:

Now, another fine craft I have been working on, is making more of my primitive beeswax Santas, pinecones with acorns, and some holly stars. I just love making these things....I am addicted to wax! LOL!!! I just love how they turn out and I also add a great Christmasy scent to them and they smell so good! I plan on giving some as gifts for Christmas, but I hope to sell LOT$ of them too. Let me know if anyone is interested.....

Please excuse these pictures....don't do the pieces justice!

Well, I was able to venture out this weekend at one of my favorite antique stores yesterday....I should have taken a picture of the outside of the building, but didn't, and they don't allow cameras inside. I just love this antique store and I try to visit kind of often because things really change over there....its not like you see the same pieces all of the time. They do a great business and things are always moving, so if you see something that you got to have, it is best to get it then and there. I have a story to add to that little note next time I blog....remind me to tell you about my harvest table! ;)
Anyway, so I found a cute box that was once for a store. It has a lift up lid that probably held their papers/receipts and their money! It came from an old store/shop. I loved it the moment I saw it....and I said that is what I must use someday when I open up my own store/shop.....what do you think?

We also stopped at another shop nearby where I picked up this great brown primitive german twig tree with a few sets of orange lights for very cheap money. It is about 5 1/2 feet tall....I couldn't believe it when I saw know how much money they can be?! Well, guess where my new grungy lights are going???? You guessed it...on that new twig tree! :)

Well, that is about it for today...I hope you all are well and have a great week!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Can you believe that we are actually in November, and Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away????....actually exactly 3 weeks from today! Time is moving so quickly! I must admit that I am getting anxious to break out the Christmas decor, but I also love my fall pieces, so I keep mine out for Thanksgiving. I really feel that this holiday is too easily overlooked and is losing its importance in our society. So, when we have Thanksgiving I take an ear of corn from my corn husks outside and I push off the kernels and put them in a bag. After dinner, each of us takes kernels of corn and says what we are thankful for....1 kernel for 1 thing that you are thankful for. We each take our turns saying one thing and placing our kernel in a helps the kids to really think of all things that they are thankful for. Then we start a craft.....Not sure what we will do this year....any good ideas for an afternoon craft for a few women and some kids? Or any special traditions that you do on Thanksgiving?
So, I will say a couple things I am thankful for:
*My wonderful family
*Our warm, happy home
*Our health!

Now, speaking of crafts.....My mind is always spinning and turning with new ideas when I see something in a store or on a blog, or outside; and right now my mind is at full throttle of so many things I want to make and try. Unfortunately I have zero time to do most things, but I hope to get a few things started or tried out this stay tuned to see whats around the corner.