Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New pottery hot out of the kiln.....

yep, the pieces are nice and warm yet and I am lovin them! B did a great job with some new tart melters that are making their way down to Patti's shop....The Brickhouse Craft Shop. And I am still waiting on one for myself so I can start burning my new tarts that I received from Rondell over at Tomatoe Creek Prims....she sent me some great scents, so I am just waiting on that tart melter...wonder if Patti would mind if I took one from her inventory! ;)

again with the not so great picture....this should have been taken in the daylight, but since I rarely see the light of day anymore, I figured it was now or never~! :)


  1. Those are gorgeous!
    I bet she won't miss one of those...consider it an early Christmas gift!

  2. The tarts will go great with those tart burners...I don't think she will mind:)
    Have a great evening,

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  4. I was just at the Brickhouse this morning and saw your lovely pottery. The new tart burners are sure cute.