Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crow plates and BOO!

As promised I have pictures of two projects I just got finished with....The first one I did was 2 more plates primmed up in a mustard paint and then stenciled with a crow that my husband drew out for me...I think they turned out great. Take a look.

I also managed to get my "Boo" pennies done...I saw this idea awhile back and I really liked it and it was a simple easy project to get done.

My pictures got a little bright, but I think both of these projects really turned out nicely. I guess I am getting in the fall mood lately too, as well as a lot of you other bloggers out there. Fall is my favorite time of year and doing the plates and the pennies got me really thinking of what else I could make....so there will be more pictures and ideas real soon! Hope you have a great day! Tarrah

1 comment:

  1. Those plates are beautiful!!! Hubby did a nice job with the crows!
    I love the Boo garland!!! Too cute!