Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fortune Cookie DIY!

This year I am off to a great start with crafting, creating, and DIYing....

Now, we are only a month into the year, but I am more rejuvenated, and refreshed than I ever have been!
Life can get crazy, hectic, and complicated WAY TOO EASILY.
But you have to break that bondage, and that hold.  You MUST, so you can  breathe.
Once your time, mind, heart, thoughts are clean of certain obligations, situations; it frees your spirit.
It makes your heart happy. 

And that is just where my heart is.
Happy.  :)

So, as promised here is some easy, peasy Valentine DIY.
Felt Fortune Cookies!
My kids LOVE fortune cookies, and it isn't all about the cookies....
everyone gotta check out their fortune!

Well, these little beauties all adorned for Valentine's Day have sweet little messages just waiting to be opened on 2/14 by those sweet little gems of mine.

DIY found HERE!
Happy Day Friends!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Sweet Things....Felt Roses

I'm having the best time making these sweet roses...
and it's been very therapeutic!  :)
I am making more Valentine's Day decor this year than I ever have!
loving the white roses with some very sweet vintage seltzer bottles.
these will be fun sprinkled over the table for our sweetheart's day dinner!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sweet Things...Pottery Heart Ornaments!

Hi All!  Are you starting to think about hearts, the color red, Valentine's Day? 

Well, I have a few fun SWEET THINGS to show you in the next few posts, so you'll want to keep checking back!

I'll start off the Sweet Things Series with something NEW here at Indian Trail Pottery!

Our Pottery Heart Ornaments!

These are perfect for all your Sweethearts Day Decor

Napkin rings, table favors, ornaments, cute little package tie-ons, wine bottle charms

give a set as a sweet gift!

These ornaments are available 3/$10 in sets of creamy white or soft pink.
AVailable here on etsy

Monday, January 14, 2013

Raspberry Romance

I am in LOVE with Red Raspberries
These beauties make my heart SWOON
Something about their juicy little beads
and their exquisite flavor makes me smitten every.single.time. I pass them in the store.
I use them in cakes,muffins, and pies.
But, alot of times they don't even make it that far.

This time though,
this time they did....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Creating some vintage bookmarks

Doing some crafting last week lead to these 4 beauties that I managed to finish, but took a whole day to do.
Once I got started, there was no quitting until I had 4 of them done that I had visioned in my head since before Christmas.
Using a mixture of new and vintage french 50's ribbon, I assembled new and vintage jewelry pieces and charms that make these the cutest little dangling dangles ever!
Who wouldn't want these adding beauty to your classic novels?
Not only do they hold your place in your favorite read, they bring about a great conversation and unique story.
They are now listed in my ETSY shop, with FREE SHIPPING within the USA.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Snow

It's beautiful, right?
What made it even more spectacular was that it was Christmas snow!
We got enough on Christmas Eve to make everything white, and then a few days after we got another 4 inches or so.....SNOW FUN!!
Have a great weekend everyone!